Bodywise Studio welcomes you to your own self care sanctuary. We  provide a place where you can relax, learn valuable wellness skills and rest deeply.   The studio offers a supportive and personal atmosphere as you can begin and maintain your wellness journey.

Our focus is adding to your own healing response and capacity.  This foundational concept is based on the idea that true wellness begins by caring for the self.

Bodywise studio offers wellness services that include:
     Massage Therapy
Cranialsacral Therapy
Small Yoga Classes
Private Yoga

Here are some practical concerns to make the most of your wellness journey:

  • Cell phones – It’s best to leave your phone in your car or place the ringer on silent.
  • Payment – Your payment options are cash, credit, or check made payable  to “Bodywise Yoga”
  • Timelines – Please arrive 10 minutes before class to prepare your space and to settle in for your experience.
  • Cancellations – If you know that you will NOT be in class or make your one-on-one appointment, as soon as possible, please leave a voice or text message on my cell #940-367-4335.
  • What do I wear/bring –All yoga props & mats are available for your use at the studio. It’s best to wear loose comfortable clothing and option of layers. Wearing long pants that hang just above the ankles is ideal.
  • Communication-Notify your instructor before class begins of any health problems or changes (such as pregnancy, recent surgery, etc.)
  • Commitment—Keep in mind that your yoga practice is a journey where new insights are revealed each time you “show up to the mat.” Be kind to yourself as you step into this world of self discovery. Becoming aware of your movement and thought patterns is a process that is well worth your time. Every time you follow through, integrity shows up and empowerment will follow.

108 E Oak St, Denton, TX 76201
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BodyWise Studio
108 E. Oak Street
Denton, TX  76201

Karin Ricketts, BA,  Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Owner

940-367-4335 (cell)
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